Registration open for 1st. competition of 2022 season

Registration for the February 2022 BCPA Mini-Gathering is now open.

The Mini-Gathering will be conducted in an online format due to on-going health restrictions. 

Players will:

  • enter the Mini-Gathering through the BCPA Registration Site
  • record and upload their performances to YouTube during the defined period
  • complete a form with music details and YouTube link and submit. 

Specific instructions, including tune requirements and rules and special requirements for the grades 1 & 2 Piping, grades 1 & 2 Snare Drumming and Intermediate Tenor Drumming events at the February 2022 Mini-Gathering are found in the Information Guide providing important details. 

Registration for the 2022 February BCPA Online Mini-Gathering is now available at the BCPA Registration Site

Before entering, please ensure the following steps are taken, otherwise a non-member fee will apply:

  • If you are a BCPA member, please renew your membership for the 2021-22 BCPA season here and use that email address for your Mini-Gathering entry
  • If you plan on becoming a BCPA member, please take out a new membership here and use that email address for your Mini-Gathering entry
  • If you reside outside the BCPA region (BC, Washington, and Oregon), please ensure your membership in your home association is current for the 2021-22 BCPA season

We look forward to your participation in the first contest of the 2022 BCPA competition season!