Adjudicators & Stewards

BCPA Adjudicators and Stewards


BCPA maintains a list of pipers and drummers who have been approved as adjudicators by the Music committee’s Adjudication subcommittee based on successful competitive achievements and adjudication apprenticeship.

Adjudicators are approved for particular disciplines (e.g. piping, drumming, drum majoring) and appropriate specialties within those disciplines (e.g. for piping: light music, piobaireachd, band piping, ensemble; for drumming: snare & tenor, band drumming, ensemble).

Specialties are approved for grade level ranges:

“A” = Certified for all grades
“B” = For solo event classifications means certified for Grade 1 and lower. For band event classifications means certified for Grade 3 and lower

The following list contains the BCPA approved active adjudicators who are current BCPA Active or Life members:

BCPA Approved Adjudicators (who are current BCPA Active or Life members) – May 6, 2021

Games Sponsors needing the complete BCPA Approved Adjudicators list (current BCPA members and not) or needing contact information for BCPA Approved Adjudicators can email the BCPA Secretary HERE

Please noteSome adjudicators have requested that they be shown as not available to adjudicate particular categories even though they have been qualified by the Association in these areas.

Becoming an Adjudicator and Maintaining Approved Adjudicator Status

BCPA follows the ANAPBA recommendation for an Adjudicator Certification & Professional Development Program (click here for the PDF) (Revision 3 Jan 11, 2015).

Prospective applicants should review the following process and code of conduct and complete and submit an application form.

BCPA Adjudicator Suitability, Maintenance and Approval Process

Adjudicator Code of Conduct

BCPA Adjudicator Application Form



The people indicated in this document are familiar with the BCPA principles for stewarding and have indicated a willingness to steward at more than one highland games during a season.

BCPA Stewards are identified by BCPA logo maroon golf shirts.

Contact information for stewards can be obtained through the Chief Steward .

People interested in becoming a BCPA Steward should express their interest through the   Chief Steward .


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