Hire a Piper or Drummer

The BC Pipers’ Association often receives requests for pipers and drummers for special performances such as weddings, funeral memorials, Remembrance Day ceremonies, charity fundraising runs, etc.

The Association’s policy is to encourage the requestor to contact member pipers or pipe bands in our region, at the link below, which have a talented array of pipers appropriate to perform at such functions.

Learn to play pipes and drums

Those seeking adults to perform at such functions are encouraged to contact pipers and pipe bands at the following link

Local Pipers Available

Piping and Drumming Teachers are often willing to perform as well

Maintaining a high standard of piping and drumming requires significant effort and funds (for instruction, uniform and instrument upkeep, travel to competitions at Highland Games across our region) so providing compensation to the performers is expected.

Performance fees are negotiated between the requestor and the performer(s). Rates can vary from $150-$350 depending on the time, location, travel & parking.

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