BCPA Weekend Seminar with Jim Barrie: Cameron Style Piobaireachd

Join piper and composer Jim Barrie on February 5, 2022 for the next BCPA Saturday seminar on the Cameron-style of piobaireachd.

Jim was taught the Cameron-style by his father, William Barrie, who was a pupil of renowned pipers John MacDougall Gillis and Robert Reid. In 2013, Jim gave a presentation to the Piobaireachd Society’s annual conference in Scotland on how he was taught this style by his father.

Jim is an accomplished piper, having achieved professional status at age 13 after winning both the amateur and open piping on the same day. He was pipe major of the Auckland Police Pipe Band for seven-years prior to his return to Canada. He produced folk and jazz albums, assisted with the production of two SFU Pipe Band recordings and along with his father, produced Ancient Piobaireachd Recordings, combining his father’s singing with instrumental accompaniment.

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Sign up by Friday morning 9:00 am Pacific Time.