Piobaireachd Club

Alex Galloway performing at a Club Meeting in 2001.

Alex Galloway performing at a Club Meeting in 2001.

The Piobaireachd Club is an unofficial (unfunded) group of BCPA Piobaireachd enthusiasts, existing in large part due to the continued support of Ron MacLeod.  Alex Galloway has taken over the organization responsibilities but Ron continues providing reports of gatherings.

The Piobaireachd Club was formed in the fall of 1990 under the auspices of the B.C. Pipers’ Association. The first musical evening was held on February 1, 1991 at the home of Jack Lee. Junior-Piper-of-the-Month Alan Bevan launched the proceedings with Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar. Piper-of-the-Month Jack Lee followed with Lament for the Children.

Over the years, 123 different piobaireachd have been played (as of 2007), not including all of the cèol mor played by visitors coming to Vancouver as judges or on a holiday. The most frequently played tunes are the Lament for Mary MacLeod (12) and the Battle of Auldearn (11).

The founding members of the club were Peter Aumonier, Duncan Fraser, Jack Lee, Ron MacLeod and Ron Sutherland who instigated the developmental meeting. It was agreed that the setting should be such that  players would be encouraged to relax and put a little of themselves into the music without, of course,  offending teaching and traditions.

The gatherings occur three times a year, hosted at a different club members’ home and are an informal way to share Piobaireachd appreciation, discuss history and enjoy listening to or performing the music. The meetings generally occur in September/October, December/January and March/April. To join the mailing list, please contact Alex Galloway.

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Piobaireachd Club History by Ron MacLeod in 2007


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