2021 BCPA Online Summer Competitions Registration Now Open

With many of the highland games cancelled due to the on-going world-wide global COVID-19 pandemic, the BCPA is conducting online competitions this summer for amateur solo events to continue players musical development.

The aim is also in support of the BCPA sanctioned highland games, in appreciation of the environment and support they provide year after year for the development of pipers, drummers, and bands.


The key elements of the 2021 BCPA Online Summer Competitions are:

  • two competitions, at the end of June and end of July, close to when highland games would have been held
  • music events for each solo grade cover all the music idioms on the BCPA Music Requirements
  • the “perform live, one take” feature (that was conducted for Grade 1 & Open events at the 2021 Online Annual Gathering and appreciated by competitors) is now being conducted for the Grade 1 and 2 Piping and Snare Drumming events and the Intermediate Tenor Drumming events
  • players are encouraged to consider performing outdoors for these online summer events, if the weather conditions and recording environment are suitable, to regain the experience of competing at the highland games
  • in lieu of medals for prizes, BCPA will be providing nominal gift cards for piping & drumming items from piping & drumming suppliers which have supported the BCPA Annual Gathering and BCPA Online Performance Assessments in recent years
  • the net proceeds (excluding prizes) will be distributed equally to all the BCPA sanctioned highland games associations

In addition, a new “Adult Prep” class is being offered. Resulting from discussions with adult aged players last year, Adult Prep is a non-competition preparatory class for adult aged pipers who desire adjudicator’s feedback on their development progress prior to eventually entering competitions in the Adult grade. Players in the Adult Prep class events will be eligible for random draws for piping items.

Players will enter the 2021 BCPA Online Summer Competitions through the BCPA Registration Site, then record and upload their performances to YouTube during the defined period, then complete an online form with music details and YouTube link and submit.

Specific instructions, including tune requirements and rules and special requirements for the Grades 1 & 2 Piping, Grades 1 & 2 Snare Drumming, and Intermediate Tenor Drumming events at the 2021 BCPA Online Summer Competitions are found in the Information Guide providing important details.

Registration for the 2021 BCPA Online Summer Competitions is now available at the BCPA Registration Site.

Please note that the entries deadline for the “early bird” random draw for Order of Play is 11:59 pm May 23. Refer to the Information Guide for further details.

We look forward to your participation in the 2021 BCPA Online Summer Competitions.