B.C. Pipers’ Newsletters of 1970

The Historical Newsletters page has been updated with the release of archival B.C. Pipers’ Newsletters from 1970.

Besides the regular news of competitions and results, BCPA Life Member Bill Elder has compiled the following interesting news of that year:

  • Letters in reply to numerous Editorials
  • Results of the 1970 Northern Meeting, including BCPA member John A. MacLeod capturing 3rd prize in the Argyllshire Gathering Gold Medal, at that time the highest prize won in the Gold Medal by a North American piper
  • Piper of the Month Roderick Finlay MacRae, Rod MacVicar, William Lamont, Ruairidh Macdonald, Bill Elder, David Wilson, Fred Brodie, Seb Nellies, Sherea Barwell, and James Lang
  • Tune “Farewell to The Vancouver Scottish”, by Jimmy Richardson V.C.
  • Plans for the Coeur D’Alene Scottish Festival and Tattoo
  • Results of the Vancouver Ladies Pipe Band Festival
  • Tune “The City of Perth” by David P. Brodie
  • Vancouver night at the Vancouver Island Pipers Club
  • Origins of Highland Games go far back in the mists of time
  • Neil Angus Macdonald judges the 1970 Annual Gathering and provides his comments on the winners performances
  • Results of the 38th Annual Gathering (1970), which included the final performance (1st prize) of the Powell River Pipe Band as an “A” Class (Grade 1) band
  • Still more on the MacCrimmons
  • Tune “Miss Craig” by William Gray
  • Results of the 1st BCPA Knock-Out competition (one-on-one performances, 10 – 15 minutes of music)  – winner Ruairidh Macdonald
  • A particular piper (now BCPA adjudicator) begins to appear as a prize winner in the Junior grade (Rene P.F. Cusson)
  • Article on the The Vancouver Kiwanis Boys’ Pipe Band
  • Article on Vancouver Kiwanis Boys Pipe Band trip to Scotland, including winning the 1970 Cowal and European Juvenile Pipe Band Championships
  • Seumas MacNeill’s Judges Report on the Coeur D’Alene Highland Games, which included John A. MacLeod winning the “Banner of the Mountains”
  • John A. MacLeod’s journal of his 1970 trip to Scotland
  • Results of the 1970 World Pipe Band Championships (the first year the Medley was introduced in Grade 1 at the Worlds) and a commentary by Seumas MacNeill
  • Article on the Vancouver Police Pipe Band
  • Note that the set list for the Professional Piobaireachd events for 1971 Pacific Northwest competitions would be discontinued because it contributed to a decrease in the number of competitors
  • Announcement of the 4 day Banff Highland Gathering and Workshops for April 1971, organized by Heather Jolley and featuring Pipe Major Donald MacLeod, Drum Major George Pryde, and famous highland dancer J.L. McKenzie