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GANAAN Logo greyThird in our company profiles series is GANAAN Highland Manufacturing Ltd

GANAAN Highland Manufacturing Ltd was founded in 2017 by Garth Newlands along with his son Austin. Garth began his piping career at the age of 27 after the passing of his brother Colin Newlands in 1996 who was a well known solo piper and member of the SFU Grade 2 pipe band (now RMM Grade 2).

Garth’s musical abilities stretch back far further than that, when as a boy he learned to play several different instruments including the electric organ (for 3 years), flute (2 years), french horn (2 years), trumpet (2 years) , military marching band side drum (6 years) and the basics of a few others with piano, guitar and clarinet.

In 2014, Garth went back to school to earn two diplomas in Mechanical Engineering for Design and Manufacturing. During his 3 years at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, he worked on 2 term projects which in turn lead to the founding of GANAAN Highland Manufacturing. Those two products, the GANAAN Drum Harness and the GANAAN GTR Drum Mount for Andante Drums also won Garth two awards BCIT Student Innovation Challenge 2017 – Entrepreneurship (Award $1500) and BCIT Enactus Legion Lion’s Lair Winner for 2017 (Award $2000)

Since then, GANAAN has looked to design and manufacture products for the bagpipes and drums that are innovative and designed to last the test of time. Introduced in 2019 was the Terry Lee Reed Wizard © a tool who’s design was improved upon for long life and durability using tool steel and aircraft aluminum. In 2020, the first in a line GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter was introduced made entirely from aircraft grade aluminum and a selection of sole plates to choose from. Designed for long life, these chanters will surely stand up to every test you give them.

Several more chanters are in the design/prototype stage that will see the introduction of A and C practice chanters made to the same high standers as the MkII Practice Chanter. Along with a goose system that can be used with all 3 practice chanters. The goose will include the stocks and blowpipe made to match the style of the MkII Practice Chanter. These products will hopefully be on the market for late 2020.

GANAAN Highland Manufacturing is located in Surrey, BC. where we offer design and manufacturing options using the latest versions of Solidworks for our design process and CNC Mill and CNC Lathe options for manufacturing to our highest standards.

GANAAN Highland Manufacturing wants to be there for you during this time of COVID-19 and encourage you to check out GANAAN Highland Manufacturing website along with our resale partners for special offers during this time.

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