Special Sale of Bagpipes in Glasgow

Edinburgh’s Festival of Ireland (EFI) is pleased to announce that it received a donation of Highland, Lowland and European bagpipes, pipe and practice chanters, bagpipe books, reeds and accessories .

All these will at a special sale at McTears auctioneers Glasgow, on Thursday 15th August 2019.

This is during the week of Piping Live and the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow.

The sale consists of instruments, made in Scotland by makers such as Henderson, Lawrie, Kilberry, Kintail, Sinclair, Drumran, with Warnock and Warmac, as well as European folk bagpipes. There are also lots of tune, tuition and history books of the bagpipes.

There are over 100 lots in the sale and this will be the first ever auction devoted entirely to this instrument.

Piper and pipe-maker Dave Wardell of Kilberry Bagpipes, Edinburgh, will be at the sale to advise.

EFI can be reached at: office@efoi.org.uk

The auction can be checked on-line at:  www.mctears.co.uk