No changes for BCPA Mini-Gathering dates for 2019/20 season

In late May, BCPA surveyed players who competed in the 2018/19 Mini-Gatherings for their opinions on a possible change of date for the November Mini-Gathering from the 1st Saturday to the 4th Saturday.

The key rationale was to provide an increased period to prepare new music for the competition season, from the current period of mid-September (when promotions are announced and the Mini-Gathering online entry launched) to the November Mini-Gathering (1st Saturday of November).

The survey results were evenly divided.

29.6% 1st Saturday in November
29.6% 4th Saturday in November
40.8% Either date is acceptable

As there was no strong majority support for a change, the dates will remain the same – 1st Saturday in November and 3rd Saturday in February.

A significant factor in promotion decisions is the player’s Performance Ratings at BCPA sanctioned competitions over the season. It should be noted that this season’s BCPA sanctioned competitions includes the Campbell River Highland Gathering on the second Saturday of August. Also, several members of the BCPA Solo Grading Subcommittee are active with pipe bands competing in UK competitions in August and in premier solo competitions in the UK August and early September.

However, the BCPA Solo Grading Subcommittee will consider means to determine and announce promotions slightly earlier in September.