Why I will be attending/watching the 2019 Boney Music Memorial Invitational – by Rob MacNeil, President, BC Pipers’ Association

10 years ago this month, my Dad died from the same brain tumor that took Andrew Bonar’s life.

My Dad, who bought me my first set of pipes, who drove me to my private lessons, and who with my Mum celebrated their wedding again as part of the “Highland Wedding” ceremony created by Lt. Col John McEwing at the Coeur d’Alene Piping School in 1977.

Would I ever have become the piper I am without him?

It was just 6 weeks from the diagnosis to when my Dad passed away.

With the subsequent medical advances, Boney’s determination, and the support of his family and world-wide piping & drumming community, Boney lived 3 years from his diagnosis and established a tremendous legacy of harnessing piping toward conquering cancer.

Each of the five top Open pipers performing on February 9 at the Boney Music Memorial Invitational will be playing near a life size banner of Boney, in his resplendent eyes-to-the-sky pose, with the sentence “Inspiring Piping to Conquer Cancer”.

What players would not be inspired to produce great music in front of such a moving image?

As pipers and drummers we love performing great music and love listening to great music.

Think of a loved one affected by cancer and how you can be inspired by your love of great music to donate to support medical research, so our loved ones might be a longer part of our lives.

That’s why I’m attending the Boney Music Memorial Invitational and donating in memory of my Dad.

Why will you be attending/watching the Boney Music Memorial Invitational and donating to support brain cancer research?


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