Salute to Veterans & Military Valour half-time show at B.C. Lions game Nov 7 2015

The following announcement on the event has been provided by Pipe Major Garth Newlands of the Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band for communication to pipe bands:

Attached is the information poster, please share among your friends and legions.

Again, it is very important that as many pipers and drummers turn out for the rehearsal as possible. There have been some errors in the performances the last couple of years due to not enough people being at the rehearsal. Please have all your people attend. Please pass this along to all your pipe bands at your practices this week.

Note, change in rehearsal ending time is now 1:00pm.

Pipe Band Coordinator: Garth Newlands, Pipe Major, Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band
Pipe Band Coordinator: Alex Chisamore, JP Fell Pipe Band


BC Lions Annual Salute to Veterans 2015
Location: BC Place Stadium
Date: Saturday, 7 November 2015


Date: Saturday, November 7th
Time: 11:00am (arrive at 10:30am, starts sharp at 11:00am) to 1:00pm
Location: BC Place Stadium, east airlock, (same as every year)

The past few years attendance has been very poor at the rehearsal due to Friday games. We are asking as many pipers and drummers as possible to attend rehearsal this year to see if we can straighten out a few issues that have occurred over the last number of years.


Since the game is now on Saturday the decision was made not to provide any food this year, not by choice of the pipe bands but by the organizers of the event. There will still be enough time between rehearsal and arrival time for game to go to local restaurants for late lunch.

Transportation and Parking

As always parking is very limited. One of the best places to park is at Costco which is right across the street. Cost for game day parking is about $20. Other parking details have not come through yet, and the transportation by bus option was left to late and is being looked at for next year.

Show Time

Arrival: 3:00pm East Entrance (aka East Air Lock) and proceed to Food Court area.
Game Time: 4:00pm
Band Rep Meeting: 4:10pm in banquet room
Pipes Tune Up: 4:20pm in banquet room across from food court.
Line Up: 5:00pm (approx) North Tunnel
Half Time: 5:30pm (approx)


March On – Maple Leaf Forever (brass and reed bands, not played by pipe bands)
March On – Bonnie Dundee / Steamboat (pipe bands)
Mass Bands – Amazing Grace (1st time front rank, 2nd time all pipers, 3rd time mass bands)
Mass Bands March Off – Barren Rocks of Aden (repeat until all bands are clear of the field, mass band)

Please confirm your band will be attending (or known to be attending):
(in order of confirmation)

Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band
JP Fell Pipe Band
Central Valley Community Pipe Band
BCR Pipe Band (Irish Pipe Band)
RCAF Pipe Band (Fort Victoria Pipe Band)
Mission Pipe Band

There is a list of attending pipe bands on the Facebook event page created by CHCPB by liking and asking questions there. Please pass this link on to members of your band and they can get the details directly. You will get a much faster response to questions and others may have the same.

Chaperones for our younger players are asked to wear some kind of identifying item that clearly shows you are with your respective band or you will not be allowed into the secured area of BC Place. We have also been asked to keep the number of chaperones to a minimum where possible. Chaperones will not be allowed on the field during the half time show unless you are a player in the band as well. No exceptions. We don’t make the rules, we just have to follow them.

Any questions on game day can be directed to either Alex Chisamore (JP Fell) or Garth Newlands (P/M Cedar Hills Caledonian). So that we are not over run with questions please have a band rep direct the questions to us. There will be BC/Yukon Command people around as well who will be easily identified by special event shirts they will be wearing.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing everyone again this year.

As always, please pass this message on to any band or person wishing to attend who does not know about the event. More details in the next update.

Best Regards,

Garth Newlands, Pipe Major
Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band
Surrey, BC, Canada
Cell: (604) 834-6716