BCPA TV begins Season 4 with live streaming of the November 9 Piping Knockout and Grand Aggregate Awards ceremony

The BC Pipers’ Association is proud to begin Season 4 of “BCPA TV”.  bcpaseason4

Apologies for the late posting.

Since February 2011 when BCPA became the pioneer in live Internet streaming of solo piping and drumming competitions, the global piping and drumming community has taken up the mantle, with the 2012 and 2013 Glenfiddich Piping Championships live broadcast on the Internet and the 2013 Winter Storm competition live streamed.

The first broadcast of BCPA TV Season 4 will be the Saturday, November 9 Piping Knockout and Grand Aggregate Awards Ceremony.

The session will include a video and audio stream, chat session, and social media interaction via the BCPA Twitter account.

In advance of the event, go to www.ustream.tv and create an account to participate.

At 6:45 pm Pacific Time on the day, go to ustream.tv  and search for the program BCPAKnockoutsNov2013 or follow it live below.

The performances will commence at 7:00 pm. Note, the free broadcast is commercial supported, but there may be a “watch now” button on top of the broadcast so you can choose when to watch the commercials. Alternatively, for $3.99 / month, you can subscribe to UStream premium for ad free streaming. It would potentially cost BCPA $2 to 300 per event to stream on Ustream, based on the number of viewers watching, and while we are interested in sponsorship of these events, we haven’t yet gotten support for this. Look for the “Ad starts in x minutes” and “watch now” button between performances.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Pipers, in order:

  1. Brittney Otto
  2. Scott Wood
  3. Alexander Schiele
  4. Patrick Downing
  5. Andrew Bonar
  6. Alastair Lee

Gordon MacRae, Rob Menzies & Alan Walters


Brittney’s Tunes: Marches: Percy’s Golden Anniversary, Alexander Blair Davidson. Strathspeys: Kirsten Campbells,
Paul K’s. Reels: Megan’s Request, Somer’s Choice. Jigs: Boys of Ballymote, Victoria Road

Scott Wood’s tunes: Marches: The Grinder, Namless. Strathspeys: Captain Horn, Heilan’ Whiskey. Reels: The Ballator
Rant, Tail Toddle. Jigs: The Kesh Jig, Scatter the Mud

Alexander Schiele: Marches: The Black Isle, Farewell To Salisbury Plain. Strathspeys: Rodney Hull, QC, Helen Young.
Reels: A Cup of Tea, Ballater Rant. Jigs: Jamie Ray, Skiver the Quilt

Patrick Downing: Marches: The Ladies From Hell, The Copermill. Strathspeys: The Step Dancer, PM
Sandy Gordon. Reels: Marcha D’Arnan. Jigs: Irish Jig, Ward’s Jig

Andrew Bonar: Marches: Teribus, Corriechoillie’s Welcome. Strathspeys: Molly Connell, Pipe Major
Sandy Gordon. Reels: The Reel Before the Next Tune, The Wind That Shakes the Barley. Jigs: The Kesh
Jig, Rocking the Baby

Alastair Lee: Marches: Smiler, Road to the Isles. Strathspeys: Sporting Jamie, Mrs Dawn Walker.
Reels: Mrs Girdle, A Cup of Tea. Jigs: Kesh Jig, Calliope House