Victoria’s New Scottish Centre Under Construction

After 10-years of planning and preparations, the new Scottish Centre for Victoria is finally under construction.

The $4.37million Victoria Highland Games Association (VHGA) project got underway in June and as of October 26, the wooden framing is up and the amphitheater concrete walls are complete.

The 10,000 square foot building on the three acre Craigflower Manor property has a unique circular design and will consist of a 4,500 square foot main hall surrounded by meeting rooms, a lounge, green room, commercial kitchen and ancillary rooms. With natural stone walls, extensive glass windows and wood features, the building will complement the heritage Manor built in 1856 on the waterfront property.

The centre will feature a sprung wooden floor in the main hall and advanced audio-visual technology, allowing for many types of activities, ranging from music and dance performances to weddings and social events to community and business meetings.

The building is scheduled for completion in July 2022. However, the VHGA still has a fundraising goal of $250,000 to complete the building. Progress reports on the building construction and history of the site are available here.