Prizes Announced for 88th BCPA Annual Gathering

As the 88th British Columbia Pipers’ Association Annual Gathering takes place, a number of companies and individuals have donated prizes for winners.

Piping Hot Tuition:  A tuition scholarship to the 2021 Piping Hot Summer Drummer Summer School (donated by Piping Hot Summer Drummer) will be awarded to the Most Promising Piper as jointly determined by the adjudicators of the Grade 5 Piping events.

Celtic Arts Foundation Winter School Tuition: A tuition scholarship to the 2022 Celtic Arts Foundation Winter School (donated by the Celtic Arts Foundation) will be awarded to the winner of the Grade 2 Piping aggregate. A tie for the tuition scholarship shall be broken on Piobaireachd, then March, Strathspey & Reel preference.

Lee & Sons Bagpipes is offering a pipe bag to the winner of both piobaireachd Grade 1 and Grade 2 classes.

TyFry is offering tenor sticks to the winner of each tenor class.

Winners of the Beginner, Grade 2 and Grade 1 snare class will receive a lesson from SFU Pipe Band Leading Drummer Reid Maxwell. Winners in Grade 3 and Grade 4 will receive a lesson from Grant Maxwell.

Jori Chisholm from will award one of his products to each of the amateur solo piping aggregate winners. Winners can choose from

McCallum Bagpipes is offering a prize of a long blackwood practice chanter with engraved sole, bowl, ferrule and mouthpiece. This, along with a $50 gift certificate from The British Store in Surrey, will be awarded during the Annual Gathering Awards Ceremony & Ceilidh, 6:30pm on Sat. April 17.