2021 BCPA Online Annual Gathering Registration Now Open

With the on-going world-wide global COVID-19 pandemic still in effect, the BCPA is conducting the 2021 Annual Gathering only for solo events and in an online format.

As previously announced, players will enter the Annual Gathering through the BCPA Registration Site, then record and upload their performances to YouTube during the defined period, then complete a form with music details and YouTube link and submit.

Specific instructions, including tune requirements and rules and special requirements for the Open & CPA grades, Grade 1 Piping, Grade 1 Snare Drumming, and Intermediate Tenor Drumming events at the 2021 Annual Gathering are found in the Information Guide providing important details.

Registration for the 2021 BCPA Online Annual Gathering is now available at the BCPA Registration Site.

Please carefully read the Information Guide as there are significant changes from previous BCPA Annual Gatherings.

Please note that the entries deadline for the “early bird” random draw for Order of Play is 11:59 pm March 5. Refer to the Information Guide for further details.

We look forward to your participation in 2021 BCPA Annual Gathering.