BCPA announces details for 2021 Online Boney Music Memorial and 2021 Online Annual Gathering

2021 Online Boney Music Memorial

The BC Pipers’ Association is pleased to announce the 2021 Online Boney Music Memorial event, to raise funds for brain cancer research for the BC Cancer Foundation, will be held online Saturday, February 13, 2021 at 6:00 pm Pacific Time.

Discussions with the 2020 event’s players determined that the ambiance and feeling of in-person performances at the historic Seaforth Armoury needed to be presented at a time after COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are lifted. However, all parties felt the need to keep the memory and commitment alive this year of “Inspiring Piping to Conquer Cancer” in Andrew Bonar’s name.

Further brainstorming has yielded a unique, partnership event with the BC Pipers’ Association, Tartantown, and the BC Cancer Foundation that will provide a different presentation and perspective of the music, broaden the reach of the event, improve donations processing, and demonstrate to the world-wide piping and drumming community the BCPA region’s commitment of working together during this pandemic.

Specifically, the 2020 Boney Music Memorial Invitational Competition and Recital will be re-broadcast with players and medical professionals interviews conducted by MCs Terry Lee and Neil Dickie, including player’s reflections on their performances and their views on looking toward next year’s event, as well as some special information to be presented during the broadcast.

Tartantown will be contributing its technical capabilities and expertise in Facebook Live broadcasts of performer interviews and recordings and the BC Cancer Foundation providing a dedicated donations link for the Boney Music Memorial event. BCPA, the BC Cancer Foundation, and Tartantown will be promoting the event through their organization’s channels.

The 2020 Boney Music Memorial Invitational drew the largest audience and raised the most funds for brain cancer research in the history of the event. Mark your calendars, stay tuned for further details, and let’s make the 2021 Online Boney Music Memorial event a great success.

2021 Online Annual Gathering

The BC Pipers’ Association is proud to announce that the 2021 Annual Gathering will be held for solo events only, using an online format on April 2-3 with senior invited adjudicators Robert Wallace, Chris Armstrong, and Paul Brown.

Following careful examination of various formats for and feedback on online competitions and consultations with BCPA adjudicators and other parties, the BCPA Board of Directors has determined the following format for the 2021 BCPA Online Annual Gathering:

  • Will operate in the same format as the February 20, 2021 BCPA Online Mini-Gathering (i.e. submission of competitor recordings to YouTube)
  • Competitors in the Open and Grade 1 Piping, Open and Grade 1 Snare Drumming, and Open and Intermediate Tenor Drumming events have additional requirements as follows:
    – will be required to perform their music event in real-time, at a given time on April 2 and 3 according to a posted Order of Play
    – will be required to record their live performance and upload to YouTube

Registration for the 2021 BCPA Online Annual Gathering and further details will be announced and become open by February 6, 2021.