B.C. Pipers’ Newsletters of 1977

The Historical Newsletters page has been updated with the release of archival B.C. Pipers’ Newsletters from 1977.

Besides the regular news of competitions and results, BCPA Life Member Bill Elder has compiled the following interesting news of that year:

  • New Newsletter Editor Alex Young assisted by Helen Young. Alex Young also becomes President
  • Letter from Jimmy McIntosh announcing the formation of the Competing Pipers Association on December 12, 1976. Initial gradings named Premier, Grade 1, and Grade 2
  • Rod MacRae, Past President and Life Member passes away
  • Letters from Nigel Alakija updating on piping, pipers, and bands in the BC Interior
  • History of the McIntosh Girls P.B. from Vernon B.C.
  • Article by PM Donald MacLeod on the passing of Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod D.B.E. MacLeods Salute is played at her gravesite by John MacFadyen and Seumas MacNeill
  • The BC Pipers Association decides to again award the MacCrimmon Medal along with the Cairn to the Professional Piobaireached winner at the Annual Gathering. The medal had been discontinued during the 1940s. A bar was awarded for each subsequent year the player wins the Cairn.
  • Iain Morrison to judge at 45th Annual Gathering, he will also conduct a piping school and perform at a recital
  • Some particular pipers (who both went on to win the BCPA MacCrimmon Cairn and the Northern Meeting Silver Medal) begin to appear as prize winners in the Novice grade (Darleen Miharija, Andrew Bonar)
  • Some particular pipers (who are BCPA Adjudicators) begin to appear as prize winners in the Novice grade (David Hilder, Gordon Pollock)
  • Letters about Kimberley Pipe Band’s 50th anniversary Tattoo and Nanaimo Highland Games occuring on the day. An amateur piping competition by the Spokane Piobaireachd Society was also announced for the same day.
  • Results of the 45th Annual Gathering, Jack Lee wins the MacCrimmon Cairn for the 1st time and the trip to Scotland travel prize for the Professional Piping Aggregate
  • City of Victoria PB releases their first album
  • CP Air and Port Moody Pipe Bands amalgamate under the direction of PM Rob MacNeil, DS Davie Bruce, and DM Archie Walker (in the fall, Terry Lee and Ronnie Annan become the PM and DS respectively)
  • Article about Electric Powered Bagpipes
  • Triumph St wins the Trios Knockout competition. In the fall, the Knockouts return to solo piping, 10-12 medley, with 14 pipers entered for the competition
  • Triumph St PB takes 4th prize at the Intercontinental Pipe Band Championship at the CNE in Toronto. Richmond Junior PB captues 4th prize in the Grade 3 World and Cowal Championships
  • A drummer in the Northwest Pipe Band was pied in the face while playing out of the band’s medley performance at the Seattle Highland Games
  • Results of the Northern Meeting
  • The trial of James Reid, his crime was playing the Bagpipes
  • Numerous piping suppliers in BC advertising in the Newsletters
  • Young active professional pipers begin adjudicating at the Mini-Gatherings
  • Birls and Blobs by Seumas MacNeill
  • Notes on The Road to the Isles and The Earl of Seaforth’s Salute

Please note: During the 4 years from 1976 to 1979 the numbering system for the Newsletters became a little erratic. We will print copies in the order that we think is correct. If anybody has Newsletters from this era and notices a missing issue, please let us know.

The Newsletters from 1977 start with the number 158.There is jump from November 1976 #155, to January 1977 #158. We think this is a numbering error and not missing Newsletters.