B.C. Pipers’ Newsletters of 1967

The Historical Newsletters page has been updated with the release of archival B.C. Pipers’ Newsletters from 1967. The last issue combines December 1967 and January 1968.

Besides the regular news of competitions and results, BCPA Life Member Bill Elder has compiled the following interesting news of that year:

  • Round the Games with John Wilson in several issues
  • Announcements of the releases of PM Donald MacLeod’s Book 4, John Wilson’s Book 3, and PM John MacLellan’s More Music for the Highland Bagpipe book
  • Andy Stewart headlines the White Heather Concert
  • William Gilmour to judge 35th Annual Gathering
  • Results of the 35th Annual Gathering (1967)
  • Results of Annual Gatherings from the 1940s
  • Midnight Piper found Not Guilty
  • History of the Seaforth Highlanders in Canada
  • Letter suggesting use of a competition order of play based on inverse order of entry, players standing by ready to play on call from the judge, and disqualification or loss of points for failure to appear in order
  • Recital given by Pipe Major John MacLellan in Vancouver
  • Report on the inaugural 10 day school of the Spokane Center for Bagpipe Studies (that would eventually become the Coeur d’ Alene Piping School), taught by PM John MacLellan M.B.E and organized by Lt. Col John McEwing, U.S.A.F.
  • World Pipe Band Championships results 1967
  • Formation of the Burnaby Ladies Pipe Band
  • Vancouver Ladies Pipe Band performs at the Alaska Centennial Celebrations
  • The worlds greatest pipers in Skye
  • A collection of ancient Piobaireached or Highland Pipe Music by Angus MacKay
  • Some particular pipers (now prominent BCPA adjudicators) begin to appear as prize winners in the Novice grade (Jeff Brewer, Dan Diessner, Robert Menzies, Terry Lee)