B.C. Pipers’ Newsletters of 1963

The Historical Newsletters page has been updated with the release of archival B.C. Pipers’ Newsletters from 1963.

Besides the regular news of competitions and their results, interesting news of that year included:

  • Results of the 5th Annual Gathering (1936)
  • The MacKays by Pipe Major John Robertson, continued in several Newsletters
  • Vancouver Ladies Pipe Band Festival Results
  • The Bagpipe in Canada
  • Results of the 31st Annual Gathering
  • John Wilson’s report on the 31st Annual Gathering
  • Piping Society of London Competition
  • Piobaireached “The Donaldsons of Seattle Salute” by James McColl
  • Optimist Junior Pipe Band trip to Hawaii
  • The story of Donald Ban MacCrimmon
  • The “Heroes of Ortona” be P.M. Ed Esson
  • Results of Cowal Highland Games 1963