Complete Results and Recap of the 2018 Annual Gathering

The complete results of the 2018 Annual Gathering are now posted on the Results page.

They include the per event results, the aggregate/overall winners in the solo and band events, and details of the band results.

In addition, winners of the special event awards are included.

The Grand Aggregate standings will be updated on April 4 on the Results page.

BCPA livestreamed solo and band events for nearly 17 hours, peaking at over 120 simultaneous viewers during the band competition. The saved videos are at until April 20. A special thanks to Mike Chisholm who provided great commentary during the broadcast of the Saturday band competitions.

BCPA is very appreciative of the donations that were made online during the broadcasts and in-person at the Open piping and snare drumming events venues. Over $350 was donated to support the Annual Gathering. Thank you!

Photos from the Annual Gathering will be posted on the BCPA Photo Gallery page very soon. Our thanks to Phil Edge and Jeanie Cardinal for their excellent work over the two days. The photo albums are as popular as the Results page after competitions and the work of BCPA Photographers provides so much colour and valuable memories of these events.

Many thanks to the Annual Gathering Organizing Committee (on page 3 here) for their dedicated work in planning and executing this event and to the many volunteers, adjudicators, stewards, scorers, and instructors who contributed their time and effort to make it successful.

Our thanks to all the performers in the All Instruments Music Session mid-day on the Saturday and to the performance bands which participated in the Performance Bands workshop. We are pleased that both events were well received by the performers, spectators, and participants.

BCPA is seeking feedback on your satisfaction with the 2018 Annual Gathering via the updated Poll on the main page of the BCPA website. Please take the opportunity to provide us your feedback on any or all elements you experienced.

The Association is very appreciative of the many people and organizations who took out ads in the 2018 Annual Gathering Souvenir Programme, sponsored events, and donated monies to support the Annual Gathering.

If you want to see the Annual Gathering continue and advance, please consider donating to support the Annual Gathering on the Association’s Donations page.

Finally, BCPA would like to thank the SFU Pipe Band pipers for their performance of “I Got a Kiss of the King’s Hand” during the awards ceremony, in memory of BCPA Life Members, members, supportive parents and spouses and friends who passed away since the 2017 Annual Gathering. It was a very touching tribute and reminds us of how our music can emotionally move people.