2017-2018 Membership Registration, Pipe Band Roster Forms, and Add/Release/Transfer Forms Updated

The online BCPA membership registration is now available here.

For a hard-copy Membership registration form as well as the Pipe Band Roster forms and the Add/Release/Transfer forms, please visit the membership page.

We urge both new and returning members to take out or renew their memberships as soon as possible. BCPA membership fees help fund and keep costs low for all the services and programs provided by the BCPA such as the Annual Gathering, highland games competition registration, workshops etc. Please continue to help support our organization so we can continue to provide these services.

REMINDER: The BCPA is currently seeking a webmaster and website administer with web design skills. If you have these skills or know someone who does and are willing to volunteer, please indicate this on the “Talents and Skills” survey when renewing your membership.