Nichols, Paton, Otto, Haddon and MacRae advance to Final Knockout

Full results of the February 9th Piping and Drumming Knockout event are now available on the results page. Congratulations to all the players, it was a great evening of piping and drumming, with over 40 in attendance and 270 views on the live stream with a peak of 48 watching simultaneously from as far away as New Zealand.  Will Nichols winning piping performance and Graham Haddon’s winning drumming performances are linked, clicking those will allow you to see the other videos from the evening as well.

The improved streaming quality was a hit with most. It was nice to be able to identify the players as the camera was able to zoom and follow them unlike past events. There are still some issues to work out and some with lower bandwidth connections had trouble viewing; we may be able to adjust the video quality down a little more for the next event without losing too much overall quality. We’re also interested in sponsorship for the next events as the commercials UStream puts up never seemed to pop up between competitors, but good progress was made and the sound quality by all reports was excellent. The Final Knockout is at the Annual Dinner March 9th. Tickets are going on sale very shortly!

Photo By Weatherly Schiele

Brittney Otto (1st round winner, 3rd place Semi-Final) arriving before the competition