By-Laws and Rules feedback requested

bylaws scalesThe members of the BCPA Constitution, By-laws and Rules committee are requesting responses from the membership in each of the areas; By-laws and Rules.  The BCPA Board is considering asking an outside person with By-law knowledge to help modernize and update all of the current by-laws, but in the meantime, we would like to hear any of your suggestions.

In addition, each year, we attempt to make sure that the rules used by the Association are current, valid and reasonable.  Any suggestions from the membership are valued, considered by the Board and then, if appropriate, posted for the entire membership to respond to.  While, in recent years, this has been done on an annual basis, after this year, we would like to make this a bi-annual review only.

Please consider your submissions carefully and submit them to or  The deadline is; February 22, 2013