Jack Lee wins Piobaireachd at Glenfiddich

Jack Lee at the Glenfiddich in a previous year

Jack Lee won the Piobaireachd at the Glenfiddich Piping Championship on October 27, 2012. Jack was the first piper from North America to ever win the overall event in 2003.  Congratulations to the winner Iain Spears, his first time winning the event, to WiIlie McCallum, the MSR winner, and to all of the competitors at the competition, it’s a remarkable feat to qualify for this event.

Many more spectators were able to experience it this year than ever before due to The Piping Centre streaming it live for the first time in its history, with more than 800 watching the stream during the MSR portion of the contest, and hundreds through the whole day-long event, which began at 2 AM PST. Murray Henderson shared that he would be retiring from competitions as of this event.

Finally, it was exciting to watch 20 something pipers such as Callum Beaumont and Finlay Johnston take prizes; Callum (the youngest player at the event) with a 5th in Piobaireachd and Finlay with a 4th in MSR. It bodes well for piping competitions that players in their twenties are able to see success at this, the highest level of competition in solo piping.

Congratulations to Jack for once again being an excellent ambassador for the top levels of piping in the BCPA region; an excellent result yet again.