BCPA 2012/2013 Membership and Mini-Gathering / Knockout entries available

Welcome to the 2012/2013 Season and the 81st season for BCPA!Membership information and registration is now available on the membership page. Note the change to discounts for joining other piping associations and societies this year, we will be providing rebates rather than up front discounts as registration happens at different times during the season for some societies. The amounts have not changed.

Registration is now avaiable for the 2012/2013 Mini-Gatherings and Knockouts on the Mini-Gatherings page. We’ve kept the same format, holding 2 Mini-Gatherings, but we’ve separated the dates for the Mini-Gatherings and Knockouts. Details are all available on that page.

Modest updates were made to the registration forms to bring us up to date with British Columbia Privacy requirements. We’ve added a Policies page to provide information on our Privacy Policy and other policies which may be added over time.

We plan to roll out an updated website which should be even more clear with better history preservation as well as a new easy to update photo slideshow for the banner later in the month or October as well. Stay tuned for a preview of that website soon.

We hope you have a great competition season and we can’t wait to see you in November!