Top results from BCPA bands at the Worlds 2012

The top result of the day from the BCPA bands who worked so hard this year and took on the world was Robert Malcolm Memorial Grade 3A winning the World Championship. Congratulations to the band for the dedication, talent and success on the day.

Robert Malcolm Memorial Grade 4 took on the challenge in the Novice Juvenile grade winning their qualifier round and 3rd place in the finals. This was the young band’s first trip to the World Championships, a hearty congratulations to all the players, teachers and parents and supporters who made this experience possible.

In Grade 1, Simon Fraser University Pipe Band took 3rd place overall with a 1st in piping in the MSR, 3rd in the MSR and 6th in the Medley.

Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band won the 17 band qualifier round with three first placings, placed 8th overall with a 3rd in piping in the MSR, 8th in MSR and 9th in Medley. This was the 4th year in a row the band has made it through the qualifier, and the 2nd year in a row winning the qualifier.

Portland Metro Pipe Band, in their first trip to the World Championships, just missed the qualifier in Grade 2 by one point, placing 7th overall and getting a 4th and two 6th’s.

New Westminster Police Pipe Band ended 13th in the Grade 2 qualifier.

Keith Highlanders Pipe Band ended 9th on ensemble preference in a three way tie in the Grade 4A qualifier, with a third from the Ensemble adjudicator.

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