2010/2011 Membership Survey Results

Thanks to the members who filled out survey responses at the end of the season last year.  The BCPA Board initiated an online survey of the BCPA membership to gain member’s ratings of satisfaction with and importance of BCPA programs, services and support activities provided during the 2010/11 season.

The purpose of the survey is to identify areas where the Association should best deploy its resources and to address areas where members believe improvement is needed (commensurate with its importance to the membership).

The top 5 most important programs and services were:

1.  Quality of BCPA Adjudicators
2.  Quality of BCPA Competitor Gradings
3.  Annual Gathering
4.  Website
5.  Quality of Stewards

The least important programs and services were (least important first)
1. Newsletter
2. Development Grants Bursaries and Special Awards
3. Educational Sessions
4. Enews Blasts
5. Annual Dinner

Some of the areas that stood out as most needing improvement (based on several instances of Below My Expectations and Well Below My Expectations) were:
1. Timeliness of website udpates
2. Newsletter Frequency
3. Food and Refreshments at KO events
4. Web Content
5. mini-gathering food, email frequency, competitors in grade at similar skill level (3 way tie)

The “lowest ranking” item, the website timeliness, only received 8 negative votes, for 31%, so overall, we are pleased that the services and programs offered are generally positive. However, the chairs of the committees responsible for each program, service and support activity are developing and will be implementing plans to address the findings and associated comments of the most important areas and the areas most in need of improvement.