Piobaireachd Club – October 19th, 2007

The Club meeting of Friday, October 19th, 2007,
was convened at the home of Eileen and Ron Sutherland. As one has come to expect, the hospitality was generous and warm.
Jack Lee got the music off with a master-stroke. He played Craigellachie (known also as Grant’s Gathering) and followed immediately with Lament for the Laird of Annapool. This Lament was composed by Iain Dall MacKay to honour his second cousin Donald MacKay. Donald had become the Laird of Arnabol through marriage to Marion Munro who held the estate of that name. It is thought that “Annapool” is a corrupt translation of the Gaelic title. The tune is complex and, as Jack commented, one of the most difficult tunes to memorize but, the result is well worth the effort.

Andrew Lee followed with The King’s Taxes, a  composition by Ranald Ban MacDougall.

Jack Lee returned to the floor to play The Daughter’s Lament. This is a difficult tune to pin down. It apparently once carried the name, Lament for General Cleaver, in other words, Bonnie Dundee. A tradition that no person should have more than one tune dedicated in his or her name is said to have led to the re-naming of the tune by a person or persons unknown to honour Dundee’s widow. After Dundee’s death, she had married the good Jacobite, Lord Kilsyth. Unfortunately, she died in her first pregnancy. She was buried with her unborn daughter in the Kilsyth kirk where her body was found 100 years later during repairs to the kirk.

Ed McIlwaine then took up Jack’s pipe for the final tune of the evening, Lament for the Children.

News about the next meeting will follow in the fullness of time. Queries can be directed to Ron Sutherland at rsutherl@sfu.ca
or, Ron MacLeod at jrmacleod@telus.net

Greetings, the Christmas Meeting of the Piobaireachd Club will be convened at the home of Jack and Christine Lee, 19514-76th Avenue, Surrey on Friday, November 30th at 7:30 P.M.

As is customary, this meeting will feature young pipers.

Alastair Lee will be the guest piper. He will play the John MacKay (Raasay) tune, Melbank’s Salute, a musical tribute to Kenneth MacKenzie who had an estate at Millbank, near Dingwall. In his time, MacKenzie was a generous patron of piobaireachd. Alastair won the Nicole-Brown Invitational Competition in Albany, New York in October with this tune.

Hope to see a good turnout to encourage the youngsters.

As to directions, take your chances on the following:

1. Those coming from Vancouver – I suggest the TransCanada (Highway #1) to 176th Street; turn right and proceed south to 80thAvenue; turn left onto 80th Avenue and proceed to 192nd Street; turn right onto 192nd Street and proceed to 76th Avenue; turn left onto 76th Avenue and proceed almost to the end of the street.

2. Those coming from the south – take 176th Street (Highway 15) to 80th Avenue and turn right onto 80th and proceed as above, (a bit longer but no kinks and turns). (192nd is also good but there is a right-left jog at 64th Avenue & Fraser Highway that may confuse some at night).

3. Those coming from the east via the  TransCanada – take a left at the 200th Street intersection and proceed to 80th Avenue; turn right onto 80th Avenue and proceed to 192nd Street; turn left on 192nd Street and proceed to 76th Avenue; turn left on 176th and proceed almost to the end of the street.

4. To those coming from the east via Fraser Highway – turn right onto 192 Street (at the juncture of Fraser Highway with 64th Avenue and 192nd Steet) and proceed to 76th Avenue; turn right onto 76th Avenue and proceed almost to the end of the street.

A good map is your best guide to secure travelling through deepest, darkest Surrey to the warmth of the Lee residence.

Regards, the other Ron