Piobaireachd Club – November 19, 2004

The November 19th meeting was hosted by Ron & Eileen Sutherland. A conjunction of events made for a small turn-out. The quality of attendees, however, was suberb.
Alex Galloway was the featured piper. He played the Battle of the Pass of Crieff. It was at Crieff that cattle drovers competing for the best grazing ground would indulge in some vigorous jostling. There is no known link between the piobaireachd and a warlike battle at the pass of Crieff. Just as there appears to have been no battle of warriors, there also is no pass at Crieff except that it is here that Highland drovers passed across the Highland Line into the land of the southerner. The discussion about the music did reveal that a battle had occurred at or near Crieff circa 962 A.D. Who fought who is unknown – in all probability rival Thanes competing for power. What is known is that the Great Highland Bagpipe would not have been dreamed of, let alone played at that early age. So, it would seem that this very fine piobaireachd arose from a much later local incident that has since faded from the collective memory, an incident as trivial perhaps as a drover’s quarrel.
Bob McIlwaine followed with Lament for MacRae of Inverinate.
Alex Galloway closed the musical evening with Catherine’s Lament.
The next meeting will be December 17th