B.C. Pipers’ Newsletters of 1965

The Historical Newsletters page has been updated with the release of archival B.C. Pipers’ Newsletters from 1965.

Besides the regular news of competitions and their results, interesting news of that year included:

  • Results of 33rd Annual Gathering
  • Judge Colin Cameron comments on the Annual Gathering
  • First instance in the Newsletter of a prize won by “Harold Senyk, Victoria” (2nd Juvenile Marches, 1965 Annual Gathering)
  • Article on how youth taking up the pipes was decreasing in Scotland but increasing in the Pacific Northwest and factors that influenced this trend
  • First advertisement in the Newsletter of the “The Scottish Shopper” store in Seattle, run by PM Jack Ironside M.B.E
  • Around the Games with John Wilson, including a footnote by the Editor proposing a concept of “remote judging by closed-circuit television”
  • Concerns expressed on the cancellation of the Caledonian Games, after 78 consecutive years
  • Glasgow Letter Mr. Hector MacFadyen
  • Pacific International Winners 1965
  • Composition of Pibroch not a lost art, B.B.C. competition won by Angus MacPherson of Lairg
  • Announcement that due to large numbers, the 1965/66 Bi-Monthlies season (October to June) would be split with Novice and Junior grades in one month and Juvenile and Open Amateur grades in the next month. There was no entry fee and the deadline for entry was the day before the competition
  • Results of the Argyllshire Gathering
  • Tribute to Pipe Major Edmund Esson M.B.E. on his retirement as P.M. of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada
  • Canadian Women’s Army Corp. continued in several Newsletters