Update on the Annual Gathering Ceilidh Format

The Annual Gathering Committee and I would like to thank the 163 people who provided their opinions and comments via the survey on the Annual Gathering Ceilidh Format.

It was the largest response to any BCPA survey and we are grateful for your input, as it provided some clear direction on the difficult problem we face.

We have opened up the summary results for your viewing at http://tinyurl.com/2013AGCEILIDH

The results indicated that of prospective attendees to the original format Ceilidh, there would be a 21% loss of attendance if an adults only Ceilidh serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages was held and a 38% loss of attendance if an all ages Ceilidh serving only non-alcoholic beverages was held. These are concerning figures.

Reviewing the summaries and the comments, it was clear prospective attendees felt the Annual Gathering Ceilidh provides an important social function for all ages that should be continued in its original format.

With this information, the Annual Gathering Committee engaged a different department at SFU and a possible solution is being investigated and costed to determine its financial viability. We are hoping that we can make a positive announcement in a few days.

However, if successful, it will mean a smaller venue, increased prices for beverages and light food at the Ceilidh, and the Ceilidh will lose money, instead of making some money as originally planned.

The Annual Gathering Committee has determined that providing an appropriate end-of-competition social environment for all ages, with appropriate beverages and piping and drumming entertainment by and for all ages, outweighs a reasonable loss.

Holding cost-conscious events has become increasingly difficult over the past several years, and the Annual Gathering Committee and the BCPA Board of Directors have put in additional effort to try to provide these.while ensuring that the association’s finances are in balance.

Thus we ask you to support the Ceilidh, Band Contest, and Recital with your attendance to assist BCPA in holding a successful Annual Gathering, an event that membership continues to rate as highly important.

Thank you.

Rob MacNeil