BCPA Pro Knockout Tunes, Results and Recordings – updated

We upgraded our live streaming capability, but had difficulty getting the device to connect to the network, and we missed the first two competitors trying to troubleshoot the problem, unfortunately. We reverted to the old method and continued, but still had a few issues throughout the evening. Video links have been added for the rest of the competitors.

Full and Consolidated results are now available on the Results page.

Going through to the Semi Final February 9th, listed in the order they will play: Keith Paton, Will Nichols, Brittney Otto, Alexander Schiele, Scott Wood, & Patrick Downing

1st up was Teddy Krogh, playing Marches: Father John Rankin’s March & Captain Leslie Archibald. Strathspeys: Yester House & Alex Currie’s Strathspey.

2nd up was Matt Dolan, playing Marches: Lord Lovat’s Lament & Dawning of the Day. Strathspeys: Shawnie’s Tune & Lord Laird of Drumblair. Reels: Gravel Walk & Finbar Saunders. Jigs: Hag at the Churn & The Magpie

3rd up was Patrick Downing who finished 6th. Marches: The Megantic Outlaw & Wellington Police Pipers in Australia. Strathspeys: Highland Whiskey & The Stepdancer. Reels: The Silver Speak & The Congress Reel. Jigs: Caliopy House & The Eavesdropper:

4th: Scott Wood, finished 3rd: Marches: Not a Moment Too Soon & Glen Fruin. Strathspeys: Over the Bows to Ballandoch. Reels: The Hobo & Tail Toddle. Jigs: The Kesh Jig & Scatter the Mud:

5th: Invited Amateur Alexander Schiele, finished 2nd. Marches: The Black Isle & Farewell to Salisbury Plain. Strathspeys: Rodney Hull QC & Helen Young. Reels: Cup of Tea & Ballater Rant. Jigs: Jamie Roy & Skiver the Quilt

6th: Jori Chisholm. The Battle of Waterloo & The Wee Highland Laddie Marches. Strathspeys: Molly Connell & She Put a Knee On the Old Man. Reels: She Put a Knee On the Old Man (Reel) & Finlay Will Not Go To Eigg. Jigs: I Had a Wife of My Own & Drink the Wort and Spill the Beer:

7th: Keith Paton, finished 5th. Marches: Castle Dangerous & Battle of Waterloo. Strathspeys: Red Haired Donald & PM Sandy Gordon. Reels: The Perriwig & Humors of Tulla. Jigs: Cunla & Queen of the Rushes:

8th: Andrew Lee: Memorial Bells of Inverary & The Pipers Cave Marches. Strathspeys: Campbeltown Kiltie Ball & Craig-a-Bodich. Reels: A Cup of Tea & MacArthur Road. Jigs: The Eavesdropper & Calliope House:

9th: Will Nichols, finished 4th: Marches: Flett from Flotta & Deputy Chief Wingate. Strathspeys: Paul K Strathspey & Devil in the Kitchen. Reels: Susan Lazell’s & Break Yer Bass Drone. Jigs: The Soup Dragon & New Year In Noosa:

10th: Myles Stewart: Wings & The Wee Highland Laddie Marches. Strathpseys: J F Mackenzie Esq of Garrynahine, Stornoway  & Captain Horne. Reels: MacArthur Road & Jack Daniel’s Reel. Jigs: The Kesh Jig & Rory Gallagher:

11th: Brittney Otto, won the event – 1st place. Percy’s Golden Anniversary & Alexander Blair Davidson Marches, Strathspeys: Kirsten Campbell & Paul K’s Strathspey. Reels: Megan’s Request & Somer’s Choice. Jigs: Boys of Ballymore & Victoria Road: