Band Promotions for the 2012/2013 season

Colin MacKenzie, James P. Troy, and Scott Robertson were asked to serve on the seasonal band grading committee by the BCPA Board. The committee met on September 23rd and provided recommendations, approved by the Board of Directors, using the following information:

  • The 2012 season Band Performance Ratings Summaries compiled and provided by Andrew Bonar, Solo Grading Committee Chair,
  • The 2012 Grand Aggregate standings
  • The detailed results of the 2012 BCPA sanctioned band competitions from the Annual Gathering through to the Pacific Northwest Highland Games
  • The instructions and criteria provided to them in the invitations to be the Seasonal Band Grading Committee for the 2012 season:
    • The Seasonal Band Grading Committee is to be composed of senior band adjudicators across the disciplines who have adjudicated the wide breadth of bands across the completed season. The members of the Seasonal Band Grading Committee will be determined each year based on this criteria.
    • The Seasonal Band Grading Committee’s purpose is to make recommendations to the Board on band regradings, both promotions and relegations, based on grading related data during the past season, such as the results of band competitions in the BCPA jurisdiction, performance rating assessments of bands at band competitions in the BCPA jurisdiction, and performance of BCPA bands at national and international competitions.
    • The criteria for the band grades in the BCPA is the world grading standard i.e. the grading standard of the RSPBA grades at the World Pipe Band Championships.
    • Recommendations by the Seasonal Band Grading Committee will be submitted for approval to the BCPA Board.

All mandatory promotions and mandatory relegations are subject to appeal by the bands using the BCPA appeal form and process.

Visit the promotions page for the updated promotions document for 2012/2013
2012/2013 Band Promotions